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SAiA is looking for contributors! Opportunities SciArt in America is currently accepting applications for science/art-minded writers and an editoral assistant. Email [email protected] with “Opportunity” in the subject line if you’re interested! Submissions We are currently accepting submissions in all categories (artist, laboratory, articles, etc) to be featured in an upcoming issue. Email [email protected] with “Submission” in the subject line. Editor-in-Chief Julia Buntaine Managing Editor Ashley P. Taylor Design Editor Allison Bader Copy Editors Danielle Rubio Cynthia Yin Social Media Editor Frankie Buckle Contributors Suzanne Anker Danielle McCloskey Raphael Rosen SciArt in America is based in New York City, New York. Cover image: By Steve Miller (detail) Portrait of William Frosch (1993). 40” x 61” . Pigment dispersion and silk screen on canvas. MRI slices of the head of my New York psychiatrist, Dr. William Frosch, placed on top of a Rorschach blot. SciArt in America December 2013