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INTERNATIONAL a conversation with Andrew Carnie Andrew Carnie is an artist and an academic. He is currently teaching Fine Arts at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, England. He studied chemistry and painting at Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, and zoology and psychology at Durham University, before obtaining a degree in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. He completed his Master’s degree in the Painting School, at the Royal College of Art. In 2003 he was the Picker Fellow at Kingston University. He currently exhibits with GV Art Gallery in London. A Change of Heart (2012). YZY Gallery, Toronto. Image courtesy of the artist and GV Art Gallery. By Danielle McCloskey Contributor Andrew Carnie began implementing science in his art work in the late 90s using ideas, images, and biological material. Carnie discussed how science became his main focus as an artist: 12 “[Hearing Francis Crick talk] was an important event and a marker, way before I started doing art-science work, but I think the notion that there could be subjects we could look at outside art became important at this stage... I bought a 5x4 camera to take images of work but increasingly started to photograph biological items on a light box. Then it was due to my selection to participate in the show “Head On” in 2002, and its relative success, that confirmed my full shift into the art-science arena. Professor Marina Wallace came to the studio—she was an old friend and really coming to look at the sculpture work I had been doing. But she found some of the science-art pieces I had been doing, leaned against the wall, and then told me about the project she was undertaking at the Science Museum in London with Ken Arnold, head of the SciArt program at Wellcome Trust, Caterina Albano, a curator with Marina at Central St. Martins Art School, and Martin Kemp from Oxford University. I was selected to be in “Head On”, on the basis of the photographs and the knowledge that I had undertaken some science study earlier. “Head On” was the first in a series of art exhibitions exploring the relationship between art and science housed in the new Wellcome Trust Gallery at the Science Museum—this exhibition explored ideas about the brain through visual art.” SciArt in America December 2013