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Science at Monash is home to a vibrant , dynamic and world-renowned community at the forefront of innovation , discovery and learning .
Our interdisciplinary teams of researchers collaboratively work on critical problems at the intersection of biology , chemistry and medicine to deliver solutions for food , water , environmental and health . If you ’ re open-minded , practical , curious , and able to question why , you have what it takes to make scientific discoveries that ’ ll change the world we live in .
Areas of research
We channel our strengths through five key research areas : Chemistry
• Analytical chemistry
• Hydrogels
• Medicinal chemistry
• Nanotechnology
• Natural product .
Food and plant sciences
• Food processing
• Food technology
• Micronutrients
• Oils and fats
• Product development .
Genomics and bioinformatics
• Agrigenomics
• Conservation genomics
• Immunogenomics
• Population genomics
• Sequencing .
Health sciences
• Biostatistics
• Microbiome
• Molecular pathogenesis
• Proteomics
• Toxins .
Tropical and environmental biology
• Ecology
• Bioremediation
• Biosourcing and bioprospecting
• Microalgae
• Microbes .
Our research is supported by specialised facilities and comprehensive resources that can meet the demands of academic research and industrial collaborations . You ’ ll have access to innovative and high-performance infrastructure providing quality research services .
Genomics Facility Our advanced genomics facility provides moderate to high throughput nucleic acid sequencing services to support researchers from the Malaysian and Australian campuses . It ’ s the first laboratory and research platform at Monash University Malaysia to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 standard , awarded for providing consistent and quality service . The facility has produced over 110 publications and generated more than 1.2 terabytes of sequencing data .
More of our advanced equipment includes :
• atomic absorption spectroscopy
• fast protein liquid chromatography
• flow cytometry
• fluorescence microscopy
• Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy
• gas chromatography
• high performance liquid chromatography
• luminescence spectrometry .
Tropical medicine and biology Significant developments in biology over the past 50 years are enhancing our ability to understand and shape the biosphere . Researchers on this platform work to drive transformation for the Southeast Asia region and the tropics in key focus areas such as food security and biodiversity , telemedicine , immunity and infection , clinical research , human genetics , systems biology , and genomics .
Learn how Associate Professor Qasim Ayub is changing the way we treat parasitic infections .
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