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KPT / JPT ( R2 / 210 / 8 / 0016 ) 03 / 27 - MQA / SWA0117
Monash is committed to providing graduate research education of the highest quality in a stimulating , supportive and professional environment .
By undertaking a PhD in Science , you ’ ll become a member of a dynamic community of scholars committed to innovation and discovery and contribute to the advancement of knowledge within your area of expertise . Our PhD graduates are highly employable , with many pursuing careers in academia and industry around the world .
Course structure
The course consists of a :
• research and thesis component
• professional development training program .
Entry requirements
Bachelor ’ s degree requiring four years of full-time study in a relevant field 1
Course in a relevant field rated by the University as equivalent to the above
Average requirements
H1 or H2A
H1 or H2A
3 – 4 years ( full-time ) 6 – 8 years ( part-time )*
Your PhD research project is to be conceived from the outset as clearly achievable within three years equivalent full-time , and you ’ re expected to complete your degree within three to four years equivalent full-time .
Throughout the year
( subject to availability of supervision )
RM42,333 Malaysian student
RM46,556 International student 2021 fees per year
* Part-time study is not available for international students .
At the core of the program is an extensive , independent research project on an agreed chosen topic , supported by at least two expert academic supervisors . Your study will result in a research thesis , which makes a valuable contribution to the current body of knowledge on your chosen topic .
Areas of research
• Biodiversity and conservation
• Biotechnology
• Chemistry
• Environmental science
• Food science and technology
• Genetics , genomics and bioinformatics
• Infectious diseases
• Medical bioscience
• Microbiology
• Natural products and drug discovery
• Tropical biology .
Master ’ s degree that entailed work , normally including a significant research component , at least equivalent to an honours degree .
English : Monash ’ s minimum requirements apply .
1 Normally with a research component in the fourth year .
Qualifications that the Graduate Research Committee considers equivalent to the above .
Monash provided me with various opportunities ranging from participating in international research conferences and workshops , going on multiple research field trips , to a part-time teaching position on campus . These experiences allowed me to widen my knowledge not just in research-related skills but also to broaden my perspectives in life by simply allowing me to travel , meet and learn from people all around the world .”
Doctor of Philosophy Research & Advisory Manager , Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ( RSPO )
Cheryl became acquainted with RSPO when , during the course of her research at Monash , she learned that the conversion of Malaysia ’ s tropical peat swamp forests to oil palm plantations was one of the main threats to the fragile but vital ecosystem . This led her to pursue a career at RSPO , in hopes of helping the organisation advocate sustainable practices in the oil palm industry .
Today , she manages research evaluations at RSPO to gain insights into the non-profit ’ s impact , fill knowledge gaps , and drive continuous improvement of its standards . Her career goal has not changed over the years ; she ’ s as passionate as ever in contributing to the protection and conservation of the environment and its biodiversity .