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2 years ( full-time ) 4 years ( part-time )*
Throughout the year
( subject to availability of supervision )


KPT / JPT ( R2 / 421 / 7 / 0012 ) 06 / 23 - MQA / SWA0121
RM42,333 Malaysian student
RM46,556 International student 2021 fees per year
CAREER PATHS Science graduates find employment in :
• genetic engineering
• agricultural support
• pharmaceutical science
• banking and finance
• environmental consulting
• hospitals and medical institutes
• mining , petroleum and engineering
• research
• food industries .
* Part-time study is not available for international students .
This degree allows you to pursue independent research in a specific area of science over a shorter period of time than a PhD .
If you ’ re unsure whether a PhD is right for you , this course can give you the experience of what studying for a doctorate might be like , while developing your skills and earning a degree that will enhance your employment prospects . If you decide that you ’ re passionate about your research , the option of upgrading to a PhD after your first year is possible .
This research degree may be undertaken in any of the school ’ s principal research areas and strengths . Your work will be expected to make a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding of your chosen field of study and demonstrate your capacity to carry out independent research .
Areas of study
• Biodiversity and conservation
• Biotechnology
• Chemistry
• Environmental science
• Food science and technology
• Genetics , genomics and bioinformatics
• Infectious disease
• Medical bioscience
• Microbiology
• Natural products and drug discovery
• Tropical biology .
Course structure
This course consists of a research and thesis component .
You must , in consultation with and under the direct supervision of a member / s of the academic staff :
• carry out a program of research on an agreed topic approved in your chosen discipline for a specified period , including attending and / or presenting at seminars and other related activities as indicated by the school
• submit for assessment a thesis of not more than 50,000 words on the program of research which meets the requirements of the examiners . Submission of a thesis including published works may be permitted .
Progression to further studies
You can apply to transfer to a PhD candidature after a defined period ( usually 9-12 months enrolment , full-time or equivalent ), provided that satisfactory progress has been made and certain conditions are met .
Entry requirements
Bachelor ’ s degree requiring four years of full-time study in an honours year in a relevant field 1
Master ’ s degree in a relevant field that entailed work , normally including a significant research component , at least equivalent to an honours degree
Average requirements
Upper H2B ( 65 %)
Upper H2B ( 65 %) 2
Qualifications that the Graduate Research Committee considers equivalent .
English : Monash ’ s minimum requirements apply .
1 Normally with a research component in the fourth year . 2 Obtained for the research thesis or project . Where ungraded , examiner reports will be taken into account .