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If you ’ ve ever had a prescription filled at your local community pharmacy , you probably think you know what pharmacists do . The fact is , community pharmacy represents only one of dozens of career paths our graduates pursue . Any place there are medicines , there are pharmacists . Here are a few places you ’ ll find both .
Hospital pharmacist
Hospital pharmacy involves a lot of collaboration as you find yourself working closely with a team of other healthcare professionals , including doctors and nurses , to provide the best care for patients . Working as a hospital pharmacist helps you develop valuable skills that are highly sought after in other pharmacy settings . Many pharmacists will spend some part of their career in a hospital environment .
Public health advisor
Pharmacists have knowledge , skills and experience that can contribute to advisory roles , both for the government as well as non-government institutions , such as health funds and private hospitals . The range of possible roles in this area is extensive , including medicines access , public health , developing eHealth services and more .
Clinical trials pharmacist
Pharmacists in this area support the management and delivery of clinical trials of new medicines . The role involves coordinating studies from a medicinal perspective , ensuring that drugs used in the trials are imported , stored , accounted for , compounded , dispensed and used in accordance with strict protocols . It may involve liaising with hospital staff , counselling participants and carers , and educating medical and nursing staff .
Drug safety officer
Pharmacovigilance is an area focusing on monitoring drug safety . A pharmacist working as a drug safety officer liaises regularly with government and industry bodies , consumers and other healthcare professionals . Their responsibilities include receiving and processing reports of adverse drug events and conducting regular conciliation with health authorities . They use their skills and qualifications to ensure the public has access to safe and reliable medications .
Primary care pharmacist
A practice pharmacist doesn ’ t dispense medicines . Instead , they work within a general medical practice to deliver direct support to general practitioners , practice nurses , and patients . They can often give more time and attention to individual cases , providing quality care and specialised services such as smoking cessation .
Aged care pharmacist
Older people often have complex needs when it comes to medications . They ’ re frequently taking a number of different medications and can be more susceptible to side effects . They may also need adjustments to their medications to accommodate difficulties with vision , hearing , memory , cognitive function or organ dysfunction .
Regulatory affairs associate
Working in regulation involves ensuring the appropriate licensing of and legal compliance by pharmaceutical and medical products . Following this career path , you are involved in ensuring that a company ’ s products comply with regulations and legislation .
Researcher / Academic
Many students find their passion for research while studying and go on to make a career of exploring and developing ideas in pharmacy . Through research and evaluation , pharmacists can make a huge practical difference to health policy and services . Common research areas for pharmacy graduates include pharmacy practice , pharmacotherapy , drug discovery , toxicology , clinical sciences , public health and much more .
Monash ’ s curriculum is compact and this taught me to manage my time efficiently and prioritise tasks . This is key in the working world because we have many stakeholders expecting us to deliver , and it is important to manage our time well so that we can achieve our goals .”
Bachelor of Pharmacy ( Honours ) Regional Medical Science Liaison , IQVIA Asia Pacific President of Monash University Pharmacy Society 2013 / 14 Recipient of the Pfizer Award ( 2015 ), Abbott PACE Award ( 2012 ), and Abbvie Young Leaders Scholarship Award ( 2013-14 ) Went on a semester exchange to Monash Parkville .
As the medical lead at IQVIA , Mei Yi is responsible for conveying medical and scientific information to healthcare professionals across different regions , planning medical strategies for the local landscape , and developing educational content and materials .