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A pharmacist is a health professional who is skilled in the science and practice of preparing and dispensing medicinal drugs .
Pharmacists treat patients by drawing upon a deep understanding of how drugs affect the human body : their therapeutic benefits , their side-effects , how they react when mixed with other medicines and what doses are best under which circumstances .
Does that mean , as a pharmacist , you ’ ll spend all day standing behind a counter , handing out pills ? Absolutely not . There ’ s much more to pharmacy than you might first think .
What does a pharmacist do ?
As a pharmacist , you ’ ll work as part of a team with other healthcare professionals . Together , you ’ ll help patients to maintain and optimise their health and to guide them through sickness . Jobs don ’ t get much more important than that .
Every day , you offer your expert advice to make sure that members of the community in which you work – whether it be a town , a neighbourhood or a hospital – are taking the right medicine or seeking the right treatment . And if you ’ re not working in a pharmacy itself , you might find that your career takes you to roles in government , industry , community research or clinical trials .
Pharmacy is changing fast
As a pharmacist , you ’ ll work as part of a team . Pharmacy has a long and remarkable history , but it isn ’ t stuck in the past . Our ageing population makes an increased and changing demand for pharmacists ’ skills inevitable . The ever-growing complexity of medicines will mean that pharmacists will require ever-higher levels of scientific knowledge . The growth of healthcare teams will mean that increased scientific knowledge will need to be matched by a growth in soft skills like teamwork , communication and problem-solving .
Whatever the future holds , though , one thing will remain the same : pharmacists will always do the sort of work that changes people ’ s lives for the better .
Who we look for
Pharmacy is a rewarding career , but it ’ s also a challenging and demanding one . Think about the rows upon rows of medicines behind a pharmacy counter . A pharmacist needs to have an in-depth knowledge of what every single one of those products does , how it might be of benefit and how it might do potential harm .
And that ’ s just the scientific side of the job .
Consider the hundreds of customers that will visit that pharmacist each day , each one with a specific ailment and a particular way of dealing with it ; a different approach to medicine , a different level of scientific understanding ( if any ), a different set of language skills . Some will need a little bit of help , many will need a lot .
A pharmacist ’ s technical knowledge needs to be matched by his or her communication skills . In the vast majority of cases , a pharmacist is dealing directly with people and , without the ability to convey information well or to understand patients ’ concerns , they ’ re really just a repository of very important information .
So when we look for students to join us , we seek those who are both academically able and willing to learn the soft skills that are so vital for success in this profession . Not only communication but teamwork , emotional empathy and the ability to make good judgements .
We want students who take satisfaction in helping others . In turn , we ’ ll help you build both the technical and personal skills you need to excel as a pharmacist .
Monash trained me to be proactive in regularly updating myself with the latest knowledge in the pharmacy field , including newly launched interventional treatments and revised pharmacotherapy guidelines . The opportunity to undertake summer research under our lecturers ’ supervision also helped me to develop extensive analytical skills .”
Bachelor of Pharmacy ( Honours ) Regulatory Affairs Consultant ( Associate Manager ), Parexel International
At Parexel , Weng Khong provides country-specific regulatory expertise to clients , leads regional level regulatory consultation services and pharmaceutical product registration initiatives , and acts as the company pharmacist .
He is currently pursuing a master ’ s degree in healthcare and medical laws to complement his regulatory work scope . Weng Khong is an accredited member of the Golden Key International Honour Society .