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Almost 10 years ago during my undergraduate studies , I was inspired by an amazing lecturer and advisor Associate Professor Anton Dolzhenko , which started my research endeavours . I chose to do my postgraduate degree with him at Monash because I knew that he would guide and build me into the independent researcher that I am today .”
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ( NMR )
The NMR spectroscopy is one of the most powerful and informative analytical techniques that can be used to take a closer look into the matter of molecules . The nondestructive nature of this instrument means that original samples can be repeatedly measured and remeasured to corroborate earlier findings .
( Pictured below with Associate Professor Anton Dolzhenko ) Doctor of Philosophy ( in the area of Organic Chemistry ) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ( NMR ) Specialist , Monash University Malaysia
Selected by the American Chemical Society to receive the 2020 Younger Chemist Leadership Development Award 2020 and as a 2018 CAS SciFinder ® Future Leader
Honoured by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry on the 2019 Periodic Table of Younger Chemists First Malaysian to receive the 2016 Australasian Peer Leader Awards in the Outstanding New Leader category .
A rising star in her field , Felicia ’ s research focuses on the development of practical methods for the preparation of highly valuable purine isosteres targeting critical parts of chemical space around the druggable purinome . She reported the first multicomponent reaction ( MCR ) for the chemo- and regioselective syntheses of 5-aza-9-deaza- and 5-aza-7-deaza-adenines . Some of the prepared compounds were found to be particularly promising agents against neglected and tropical diseases , such as Chagas disease .
Since joining Monash in 2015 , Felicia has received numerous recognitions for her academic achievements and the scientific merit of her research , published 15 journal articles and three book chapters , and supervised over 25 undergraduate Pharmacy students . In 2019 , she led her team to establish the American Chemical Society Monash Malaysia International Student Chapter , which became the first and only student chapter in Malaysia to be awarded the 2019 Outstanding Student Chapter Award – the highest accolade granted by the Society Committee on Education .