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3 – 4 years ( full-time ) 6 – 8 years ( part-time )*
Your PhD research project is to be conceived from the outset as clearly achievable within three years equivalent full-time , and you ’ re expected to complete your degree within three to four years equivalent full-time .
Throughout the year
( subject to availability of supervision )
RM42,333 Malaysian student
RM46,556 International student 2021 fees per year
* Part-time study is not available for international students .


KPT / JPT ( R2 / 210 / 8 / 0016 ) 03 / 27 - MQA / SWA0117
The opportunity to take up independent research through the Monash Doctoral Program is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences we can offer you .
The program consists of an extensive , independent research project in your discipline of choice , supported by a minimum of two academic supervisors throughout your candidature . Your study will result in a research thesis which makes a valuable contribution to the current body of knowledge on your chosen topic .
Areas of research
• Anticancer therapeutics
• Clinical pharmacy
• Complementary and alternative medicine
• Drug delivery and formulation
• Drug discovery and development
• Health economics
• Health policy
• Medicinal chemistry
• Microbiology
• Neuropharmacology and medical biochemistry
• Organic and biomolecular chemistry
• Pharmaceutical analysis / Pharmaceutical sciences
• Pharmacogenomics
• Pharmacoepidemiology and evidence synthesis
• Pharmacognosy
• Pharmacology
• Pharmacy management
• Pharmacy practice
• Phytochemistry .
Course structure
The course consists of :
• a research and thesis component of no more than 80,000 words .
• a professional development training program .
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program , it ’ s expected that you ’ ll be able to demonstrate the following abilities :
• carry out independent research
• critically review the current research in the literature
• formulate a research problem of high impact and significance
• apply the appropriate research methodology
• analyse the research data
• articulate their research outcome to a variety of audiences .
Entry requirements
Bachelor ’ s degree requiring four years of full-time study in a relevant field 1
Course in a relevant field rated by the University as equivalent to the above
Master ’ s degree that entailed work , normally including a significant research component , at least equivalent to an honours degree .
Average requirements
H1 or H2A
H1 or H2A
Qualifications that the Graduate Research Committee and Monash Graduate Research Office consider equivalent to the above .
English : Monash ’ s minimum requirements apply .
1 Normally with a research component in the fourth year .