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You ’ ve probably seen movies or TV shows about university lectures where a teacher stands up the front of the class and lectures , or even reads the lesson off slides . That ’ s not our style .
We emphasise what ’ s known as active learning over the traditional didactic lecture . Before you come to class , you ’ ll watch lectures online or do assigned reading to familiarise yourself with key concepts . Then when you ’ re in class , you apply that knowledge through group work , asking questions and testing your understanding . We call it a flipped classroom .
It focuses on critical thinking and analysis , and helps you to hone the communication , problem-solving and critical thinking skills you will need in practice . Study after study suggests it ’ s a far more efficient way of learning , improving engagement as well as retention of information and even attendance .
Pharmatopia is a powerful pharmacy education application , the product of an international collaboration between pharmacy educators and industry . This shared-practice collaboration aims at developing a collection of interactive , engaging web-based learning-training modules relevant to both pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry . Examples of learning modules used are the interactive virtual tabletting research and development laboratory , and a virtual hospital pharmacy sterile suite manufacturing facility .
Pharmville depicts ‘ real ’ people with ‘ real ’ problems who live within the Pharmville community . It ’ s an innovative teaching tool that provides context and integration to the new curriculum throughout the four years of our pharmacy undergraduate program . Each character in the community has a social and cultural background , lifestyle and medical history . Lecturers and tutors across all disciplines use the families as a teaching tool to pose questions about disease state management , medicine use and the broader implications of the individual ’ s social standing , allowing teaching to be integrated into an authentic situation .
MyDispense is a purpose-designed dispensing software aimed at training students to dispense medication safely and efficiently . It works in a similar way to commercial dispensing programs , including reading electronic references , selecting products , accessing products stored in secure storage , and generating and reviewing labels .
The rationale for MyDispense is soundly based on the value of simulation in training . You ’ ll develop skills and confidence within a safe environment , while fostering best practice in dispensing . You ’ ll go on to experience real-life dispensing during your professional experience placements in the second , third and fourth years of the Bachelor of Pharmacy ( Honours ) course .
Professional practice suite
Our new professional practice suite is the first of its kind in Malaysia . It ’ s a new cutting-edge learning space where you ’ ll experience new formats of teaching and practice in a virtual environment . It has two large and flexible tutorial rooms with individual computer facilities , eight consultation rooms , and a social learning space for informal work groups .
Virtual practice environment
We have replaced the traditional and dated model pharmacy with small-group and high-tech virtual practice environments ( VPE ), which can be readily adapted to reflect changes in both professional practice and physical environments . Using this safe and supervised platform , you ’ re exposed to processes encountered in practical placements , greatly enhancing your confidence , knowledge and skills before entering the community as a student pharmacist .