School of Information Technology - Page 5

IT careers are diverse and dynamic . You can pursue a career in IT almost anywhere in the world , and enjoy excellent financial rewards and abundant job prospects . There are plenty of opportunities to specialise , including business information systems , gaming and app development , cybersecurity or digital humanities . And you can apply your expertise in any field or industry , from banking and finance , through to health , the environment or the arts .
IT graduates are in high demand across the world , with traditional roles evolving and new roles constantly emerging . The Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast , released in October 2019 , indicated that business spending is projected to total USD3.7 trillion in 2019 , with a forecast growth of 3.7 % in 2020 – spending that ’ s likely to support a significant increase in IT-related employment . With Malaysian businesses ramping up investment in digital transformation efforts , the demand for digital talents will continue to grow .


use big data to investigate the origins of the universe . use climate modelling to better predict and manage changes in our weather systems . secure the systems and networks of multinational organisations . be at the forefront of the next IT led breakthrough in health and medicine . develop games and work in a team on the next AAA title . design websites and apps or be at the forefront of emerging digital technologies . become a business information systems analyst and use big data to guide organisations toward their goals . develop software integral to controlling flight paths over major world cities . use digital tools to create and evaluate content , and analyse complex problems in our media-saturated world .