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2 years ( full-time ) 4 years ( part-time )*
Throughout the year
( subject to availability of supervision )
RM42,333 Malaysian student
RM46,556 International student 2021 fees per year
* Part-time study is not available for international students .


KPT / JPT ( R2 / 340 / 7 / 0465 ) 12 / 24 - MQA / SWA0122
Join the global conversation about the most prominent theories and ideas in your field through the independent investigation of research questions that you have formulated .
The degree allows you to develop in-depth knowledge , expertise and skills through the application of research to business or IT challenges , with support from a minimum of two supervisors throughout your enrolment . You ’ ll gain experience in the design and implementation of research and make a contribution to an existing body of knowledge by applying , clarifying or interpreting that knowledge .
Course structure
This program is 100 per cent research based and any coursework undertaken must be approved by the graduate research coordinator .
Areas of research
• Artificial intelligence
• Cybersecurity
• Data science
• Digital health
• Software engineering .
Entry requirements
ELIGIBILITY Bachelor ’ s degree with honours
You must also meet the English language requirements of the University .
Average requirements
H1 or H2A
Qualifications that the Monash Graduate Research Office considers equivalent to the above . 1
Progression to further studies
If you have demonstrated exceptional progress , and your project has sufficient depth and breadth to meet the requirements of a PhD , you may apply to transfer into a PhD as part of your research master ’ s confirmation milestone . Any decision to approve your transfer from a research master ’ s degree to a PhD degree ultimately resides with the Milestone Review Panel and Graduate Research Committee .
1 Prospective research candidates are expected to have identified a certain research area of interest prior to applying . You ’ re required to discuss the proposed research project , as well as availability of supervision and facility to conduct research with the School .
What I like the most about my study life here is the organisational culture . Receiving excellent support from supervisors , the school , as well as colleagues , is what keeps me motivated while being away from home .”
Doctor of Philosophy ( in the area of Artificial Intelligence )
Mahamat is developing an algorithm that will enhance the way computers understand visual content . His goal is to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence ( AI ) research and contribute to AI-based solutions .
Before coming to Malaysia to pursue his graduate studies , Mahamat was a software engineer for the Transportation and Crowd Management Center of Research Excellence at the Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia . He worked on web applications and various technologies for in-field research projects that the center was implementing for the government .