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At Monash , we recognise the potential of IT to positively transform our world . Adopting a collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach , our world-leading researchers are tackling the world ’ s most pressing social , economic and environmental issues . Join us as we unite people and advance technology in the pursuit of a smarter digital future .
The world we live in today has been transformed by the rapid adoption of technology . It has impacted every aspect of our lives – from our homes , schools , industry , key infrastructure to social space – and enhanced how we live , learn , work and play . Our expertise aligns with the following themes . It ’ s where you ’ ll find us pioneering new frontiers and driving innovative IT solutions .
Artificial intelligence Our researchers in this area integrate knowledge and theories in mathematics and machine learning to create intelligent machines that can solve complex real-world problems . Highly applicable fields include computer vision , natural language processing , medical imaging and business intelligence .
Cybersecurity In a rapidly changing online data ecosphere , we ’ re constantly looking for ways to keep our systems and data secure . Our researchers are looking into diverse forms of computer security and the rising threat of dark technology .
Data science Research and analysis into big data have the capacity to make a positive impact on our daily lives . We ’ re creating novel data-driven algorithms to extract useful insights from huge volumes of digital data .
Digital health We ’ re using a multidisciplinary approach to improve healthcare outcomes for people by developing smart methods , applications and systems for the healthcare industry .
Software engineering Creating high quality and efficient software systems is an art . Our research into the domains of software architecture and design , processes , and analysis of human factors has the ultimate goal of delivering robust and reliable software solutions .
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