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Engineers are creative , imaginative , analytical and technical , with excellent teamwork skills . As an engineer , you ’ ll apply science and mathematics in a practical way to design and develop new technologies and improve existing ones .
Engineers solve problems , figure out how things work and create solutions . They ’ re key to the development of society and solving the challenges faced by our world , such as climate change , natural resource depletion , food shortages , supply of clean drinking water and increased demands on energy . Engineers possess a rare combination of skills and qualities that place them in demand in many industries . An engineer ’ s career is diverse , interesting and can be anywhere in the world .
As a qualified engineer , you ’ ll also be equipped to work in many areas outside of engineering , such as management , banking and consulting . Some engineers go on to become CEOs of major corporations . Problem-solving and planning skills , combined with a focus on the future and continuous improvement , make engineers excellent business leaders .
Consider a career in engineering if you :
• are curious about how things work
• have an interest in improving the quality of human life
• enjoy designing and building things
• like analysing and solving problems
• are interested in maths and science
• enjoy challenges
• are goal-oriented
• like working with lots of different people in multidisciplinary teams .
Career outcomes
Engineers design , build and test everything we use to create a liveable and sustainable world . Their unique skills are needed in nearly every industry . With hundreds of different types of engineering jobs the possibilities are endless .
Some of our graduates have gone on to successful careers as :
• Field engineer , drilling fluids engineer or commercial manager for a global oil and gas company
• Data analyst for an independent non-profit conducting research into climate solutions and carbon reduction
• ROV ( remotely operated vehicles ) project engineer for a subsea engineering company
• Research scientist for a government agency in science and technology
• Project consultant for a company specialising in human resources systems and solutions
• Validation solution engineer for a multinational technology company
• Pre-sales solution architect or software engineer in telecommunications
• Sales engineer or quality engineer in building and construction
• Product development engineer in manufacturing
• Engineering lecturer at an international university .
Monash was an ideal place for me to grow as an engineer and to build a support system . My lecturers and peers challenged me to stretch and grow , with honest feedback intended to improve rather than coddle . I was prepared in unpredictable ways for my career .”
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering ( Honours ) Production Engineer , ExxonMobil
David ’ s responsibilities at ExxonMobil include optimising short-term and long-term production , monitoring and analysing well inflow and outflow performance , and designing well / reservoir interfaces . He also ensures that emerging well threats are quickly identified and rectified .
Photographed by the Monash Gazette .