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At Monash , we undertake innovative , multidisciplinary research addressing national and international priorities . From developing new ways to extract energy from waste by-products to designing next-generation systems and treatments to enhance the quality of life for patients , our researchers are working on overcoming some of the key challenges facing society today .
As a graduate research student at Monash , you ’ ll explore your discipline on an advanced level and learn how to apply your new knowledge to real problems . You ’ ll have access to some of the finest research facilities and equipment , on top of great academic support , so that you too can devise innovative solutions to global challenges .
Our research focuses on nine multidisciplinary research clusters :
• computational intelligent systems
• critical infrastructure
• energy sustainability
• info processing , networking and security
• intelligent lighting
• materials and nanotechnology
• medical engineering and biological sciences
• smart industry and living
• waste and environment .
Key facilities
Advanced computing platform This infrastructure offers powerful computing services that can reduce the duration of computing jobs from several days to just a few hours . It ’ s currently used for research in computer vision , image processing , optical network , machine learning , pattern recognition , combustion , turbulent flow , nanomaterials , genomes analysis , disease association studies , and more .
Nano-analytical platform This multidisciplinary research platform provides analytical services in electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction . It hosts six state-of-the-art instrumentations : high-resolution transmission electron microscope , field-emission scanning electron microscope , variable pressure scanning electron microscope , atomic force microscope , X-ray diffractometer , and raman spectroscopy . These equipment facilitates the imaging and analytical investigation of materials from a wide range of scientific disciplines .