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We maintain strong industry connections around the world , giving you a unique advantage when seeking work exposure .
You ’ ll be able to gain real-world experience from a wide range of companies that have been brought on board as partners and educators through our internship and work placement programs , and living case studies . Our students have previously worked with organisations such as Unilever , Nestlé , L ’ Oréal , Citibank , the Islamic Development Bank , Accenture , Bursa Malaysia , KPMG , and the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre .
Want to take your internship global ? Let ’ s make that happen . Some of our students have completed internships in Singapore , Indonesia , Brunei , Mauritius , Thailand , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka .
Industry placement program
The Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree offers two industry placement units that you can take either as capstone or elective units . You ’ ll work on approved projects for an organisation , which will allow you to apply conceptual and theoretical knowledge to practical work situations . This experience will develop and enhance your employability skills .
My internships at Maybank and Deloitte were invaluable . I learnt how to engage with people in a professional manner , was exposed to real working culture , and developed important interpersonal skills . These experiences showed me what to expect and what I needed to improve in preparing for my career .”
Bachelor of Business and Commerce Deloitte Student Ambassador Vice President of Monash Accounting Club Currently working as an analyst at Maybank Maybank Islamic ’ s Executive Trainee Program participant .
Community engagement
We regularly partner with organisations like UNHCR , Teach for Refugees and Biji-biji Initiative to benefit local communities in meaningful ways . Together , we ’ ve raised funds for charities , improved our environmental stewardship , advanced access to education for refugees , and developed community-based organisations . These partnerships also allow our students to be actively involved and to engage with non-profits and social entrepreneurs to gain valuable work experience .
Education is a basic right but for most refugee youth , it ’ s a privilege .
Priya Sharma is part of a Monash | team working with UNHCR and non-governmental organisations to change it .
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