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2 years ( full-time ) 4 years ( part-time )*


KPT / JPT ( R2 / 340 / 7 / 0465 ) 12 / 24 - MQA / SWA0122
Throughout the year
( subject to availability of supervision )
RM42,333 Malaysian student
RM46,556 International student 2021 fees per year
* Part-time study is not available for international students .
Join the global conversation about the most prominent theories and ideas in your field through the independent investigation of research questions that you have formulated .
The degree allows you to develop in-depth knowledge , expertise and skills through the application of research to business challenges , with support from a minimum of two supervisors throughout your enrolment . You ’ ll gain experience in the design and implementation of research and make a contribution to an existing body of knowledge by applying , clarifying or interpreting that knowledge .
Course structure
This program is 100 per cent research based and any coursework undertaken must be approved by the graduate research coordinator .
Areas of research
• Accounting
• Management
• Marketing
• Specialist streams in economics .
Progression to further studies
Complete relevant coursework in a particular discipline area and achieve a minimum score of 70 per cent to upgrade to a PhD .
Entry requirements
Bachelor ’ s degree from Monash University requiring four years of full-time study in a relevant field 1
Course leading to a master ’ s preliminary qualification rated by the University as equivalent to the above
Average requirements
H1 or H2A
H1 or H2A
A master ’ s degree in a related discipline , with a significant research component , at least equivalent to an Australian honours degree ( a full-time year of research and an examined thesis ).
English : Monash ’ s minimum requirements apply .
1 Normally with a research component in the fourth year .
Monash offers an environment that fosters independence and critical thinking , and I think I definitely made the most of my student experience . I worked as a research assistant , participated in three international conferences , and spent five months as a PhD researcher at Erasmus University in the Netherlands . All of these experiences and opportunities contributed to the development of the skills that I have and use as a working professional , on top of having been thoroughly enjoyable !”
Doctor of Philosophy ( in the area of Economics ) Bachelor of Business and Commerce
Amanina is currently working as a research associate specialising in social protection and jobs at the World Bank Group Global Knowledge and Research Hub .
Her research on the relationship between freedom and life satisfaction lent further empirical support to the changing measure of a nation ’ s wellbeing .