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World-class researchers and facilities position us to help our students and industry partners meet the challenges of today ’ s business world . At Monash , you ’ ll be supported by excellent infrastructure and educational resources for the best learning experience .
Neurobusiness behavioural lab
With growing competition in virtually every sector , it ’ s important to understand how and why consumers choose a product or a brand . Neurobusiness – a term coined by Monash researchers – employs neuroscience technology to assess unobservable physiological reactions , including micro-facial movements , perspiration and eye movement , to various stimuli such as products and advertisements to learn how people make buying decisions .
Focus group discussion room
Focus groups are the primary research tool for businesses and governments to obtain insights from their target audience on issues , ideas , products and services . Our commercial-level focus group facility houses a discussion room that can be configured for relaxed conversation , formal boardroom interaction or retail encounter , and a viewing room that ’ s fully equipped with advanced recording and audio technology .
Business intelligence
Our research community has access to an extensive range of online databases , which provides real-time data on every market , breaking news and analytics . You ’ ll also be able to tap into data leading providers such as Bloomberg , CEIC , Compustat , Capital IQ , Thomson and Wharton .
Business simulation lab
The simulation lab offers a unique experiential learning environment where you can truly engage in your learning in fun and exciting ways . Through team-based and individual participation in simulated trading games , you ’ ll learn the mechanics of various types of financial instruments such as equities , bonds , foreign currencies and derivative instruments such as the options and futures contracts . This is also the perfect platform for you to test your stock-picking skills and your trading strategies . All these expands your understanding of the global economy beyond the confines of textbooks .