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Entrepreneurship and innovation
• Strategy and competitiveness
• Decision-making neuroscience
• Social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility
• Technology , innovation and industry disruption
• Internationalisation of SMEs
Corporate governance and ethics
• Money laundering and informal banking
• Earning management , policy choice and voluntary disclosure
• Corporate governance and financial deepening
• Minority shareholder protection
• Business ethics and society
Banking , law and taxation
• Banking and finance
• Productivity of commercial banks
• Banking and economic growth
• Tax compliance and distributive effects of goods and services tax
• International trade law
• Human rights
Economic development , trade and policy
• Development economics
• International trade and finance
• Trade and economic policy
• Monetary integration
• Productivity and technical change
• Sustainable development
• Data analytics
Global Asia in the 21st Century
We ’ re home to a multidisciplinary group of scholars who are exploring Asia ’ s economic , social , political and social emergence on the global platform . From studying the impact of smart manufacturing in policy and regulatory approaches to investigating the anticonvulsive effect of the Malaysian pit viper ’ s venom , they work through four primary clusters :
• Industry , market and social analytics
• Health and wellbeing
• Science , technology and society
• Culture and values .
Gerontechnology Lab
This interdisciplinary research platform focuses on developing assistive technology to help older people live actively and independently , as well as shaping public policies to improve the health and wellbeing of older people . We engage students and researchers across Monash and partners in universities , business organisations and the government in research and consultancy projects that have the power to better the lives of the older generation .
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub ( eiHub )
The eiHub collaborates and partners with university clubs , industry and the community to support students in building achievable and sustainable startups and social enterprises . Students can access incubation rooms and a lounge for informal discussions , and participate in brainstorming sessions to develop innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to real business issues .
Marketing and consumer studies
• Marketing in emerging economies
• Relationship and network marketing
• E-commerce , virtual communities and social networks
• Business-to-business marketing
• Marketing and sustainability
Organisation management and behaviour
• High performance work systems
• Training and workforce development
• Work-life balance
• Gender and leadership
• Labour markets and industrial relations
Reinventing universities
Professor Mahendhiran Nair believes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training will help graduates develop invaluable competencies in today ’ s fast-paced world .
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