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Our elective immersion and short-term mobility units place students in new situations and places that can be personally transformative as well as enhance cross-cultural awareness , build leadership skills , and generate community engagement experiences .
These credit-bearing units , which include domestic and international excursions encourage you to expand your horizons by immersing yourself in new cultures , put your academic and interpersonal skills to the test , learn to navigate unfamiliar places , and engage with the local people at your study trip destination . We currently offer two units each with an integrated study trip .
Malaysian Studies takes you on a journey across Malaysia , exploring the history , culture , society and politics of this unique , multicultural country through classroom study and by actually experiencing Malaysia , thus combining academic and experiential learning . In 2019 , students enrolled in this unit visited Sabah in Malaysia .
Discovering the Asia-Pacific Study Trips invites you to engage with a variety of themes and topics such as the environment , human development , everyday identities , democracy , and social movements across the countries of the Asia-Pacific region using classroom study and overseas travel to develop the skills and competencies to operate in culturally distinct situations and locations . In 2019 , students enrolled in this unit visited Suzhou in China .