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Due to its comprehensive nature , a Monash arts degree is compatible with almost any profession imaginable . Over the past decade , we ’ ve produced graduates who continue to thrive in any and every field of their choosing with the skills and confidence gained through their studies .
Our alumni ’ s personal and professional growth show that training in the arts and social sciences can bring personal fulfilment , amazing job opportunities and significant career success .
Whether they find themselves in research and academia , or excelling within the heart of industry , or grappling with the complexities of policy , diplomacy and humanitarian work , our alumni use the skills they ’ ve gained through their education to keep on progressing , expanding their horizons , and making a positive impact on the world . You ’ ll be empowered to do the same .
Job market versatility
Your flexible degree , which combines breadth with depth , will give you the kind of versatility valued by employers . The different perspectives you ’ ll study will allow you to work in different roles , combining knowledge from your majors and minors to develop unique solutions to real-world problems .
Competitive edge
You ’ ll be able to compete in a variety of jobs and industries , including those typically populated by graduates from other disciplines . Your competitive edge comes from your arts and social sciences degree , which trains you to be observant of the many facets of society , to understand and analyse issues from multiple perspectives , and to communicate effectively and persuasively .
Lead change
The arts and social sciences are a valuable route to careers in government , international organisations and non-profits , particularly in the environmental and humanitarian fields . You ’ ll learn how to analyse problems , brainstorm issues and construct viable solutions that lead towards a fairer , more just and sustainable society .
Go anywhere
The skills and experiences gained , combined with the passion to explore new worlds nurtured during their academic study , have seen our graduates traversing the globe to succeed in varied careers in very different societies and cultures .
Success follows passion and hard work . But don ’ t just take our word for it . Hear what our graduates have to say .
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The curriculum at Monash prepared me to be adaptable . In the five years after I left Monash , I ’ ve worked in public relations firms based in Asia , Europe and the US and encountered diverse management styles and business cultures . The broad and well-rounded education I received at Monash allowed me to thrive in changing conditions .”
Bachelor of Arts ( Honours )
Currently a senior associate at LEWIS PR Inc , where she has worked with clients including The Wall Street Journal , Reuters , The Associated Press and WIRED .