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Amazing experiences beyond the classroom .
Go on an overseas exchange with one of our 140 partner universities around the world , or spend a semester or two at one of our four campuses in Melbourne or Monash Prato Centre in Italy . You ’ ll remain enrolled at your home campus and receive credit for your overseas study towards your Monash degree – all while continuing to pay your regular course fees .
A full-time transfer to Monash Australia to complete the remainder of your studies is also possible , furthering your globally enriching and rewarding educational experience .
How studying abroad can give you an edge
There are many benefits to studying overseas . Research has shown that students with international study experience :
• have better grades throughout their degree
• are more employable once they graduate
• earn more throughout their career .
You ’ ll expand your worldview through experiencing different cultures and ways of doing things . You ’ ll build your self-confidence , and be more adaptable and independent . You ’ ll also develop skills in effective communication , collaboration and time management .
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Going for an exchange gave me lifelong friendships , a new perspective on life , and broadened my horizons with a change of scenery and culture . I learnt how to deal with my fears and being thrown out of my comfort zone , and to enjoy the challenges , adventures and venturing out into the unknown . It was truly and unquestionably a life-changing experience .”
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences Studied at Korea University , South Korea