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This module is a selection of research , professional and career-related development workshops and seminars designed to give our PhD graduates a competitive edge when it comes to employment opportunities . It ’ s built around skills that are in demand in a professional environment , including project management , team building , leadership and other soft skills that academia and the private sector value .
Enrolling in the professional development mode will require you to complete a minimum of 120 hours of activities . These activities are offered under two topics :
• Excellence in Research and Training ( 60 hours ), which is designed to develop knowledge , skills and abilities that are immediately relevant to academic life .
• Professionalism , Innovation and Career ( 60 hours ), which focuses on developing the knowledge , skills and abilities needed to apply your expertise within and beyond academia .
Following these compulsory modules , you ’ re free to explore a variety of modules that are made available online and on-campus . These include a module that encourages you to undertake practical training through teaching and participation in other academic activities , sessions on various methodologies in the humanities and social sciences , and relevant skills and information including workshops on publication and thesis writing .