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Politics , development and governance

This cluster examines key questions of local , national and international life – conflict and cooperation , peace and security , migrations and other forms of mobility , and development , environment and humanitarian concerns .
These issues unfold in a world where multiple actors such as states , sub-national or local governments , non-governmental organisations , corporations , international organisations , and communities with competing interests , values and power relationships operate and interact .
The nexus between politics , development and governance thus plays out at local , national , regional and global levels through issues such as trade and economic policies , poverty and inequality , democratic and authoritarian politics , history and decolonisation , intrastate and inter-state conflicts , refugees , human rights and environmental concerns . With these issues having crucial local , national , regional and global impacts , research in this cluster can also contribute to policymaking . Researchers in this cluster address these issues from a number of disciplines including anthropology , geography , history , international relations , political science , political economy and urban studies .
My research sits at the intersection of society , politics , governance and development , and looks broadly at people and spaces in cities . I ’ m interested in understanding the causes and consequences of migration and urbanisation , especially in Asia .
I ’ m also interested in understanding people ’ s experiences and the strategies they use as they take part in these broader social trends and processes . My aim is to document and understand how these are taking place in Malaysia and the region , while paying attention to our rich and complex histories and diversities .”
As a recipient of the Public Service Department ’ s Federal Training Prize , I ’ m currently undertaking research into the political economy of intellectual property negotiation in trade agreements . The support provided by Monash has been wholesome and second to none . The open and forward-thinking culture within the university , as well as quality supervision it offers , allow me to feel at ease despite the challenging nature of pursuing doctoral research . And with a first-class infrastructure , access to wonderful academicians and admin staff that really have the best interest of their student researchers , I know that I have made the right decision to enroll in Monash for my final academic journey .”
Currently pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy .