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Literature , cinema and society

This cluster is concerned with written , filmed , televised and other visual texts in society , particularly within the Southeast Asian region .
It examines literature , cinema and other screen media from a variety of perspectives , including the aesthetics of the visual and the written word , and the socio-political and industrial conditions that create them .
Scholars in this field are interested in questions of form , history , national and transnational contexts , genre , audiences and fandom , postcoloniality , postmodernity , authorship ( authors , directors and stars ), narratology , textual adaptations , techniques of creating and preserving texts , and representations of identity such as gender , ethnicity , religion , national identity and others in narratives . Texts that a society produces are reflections of itself and its history , and these questions consider how texts and society influence each other . Researchers in the cluster employ a range of theoretical frameworks to understand texts as mirrors of society and culture .
My work is in the field of literary studies , specialising in gothic and horror as well as postmodern and postcolonial literature . My current research examines representations of monstrosity in Asian literature and film . A host of monsters occupy my research focus , from the Japanese yōkai to the hopping corpse ( jiangshi ) of China , the rakshasas of India , including demon king Ravana of the Ramayana , the ghouls and jinns of the Middle East , and closer to home , the Southeast Asian pontianak , penanggalan and toyol . I ’ m interested in how these enduring monsters have been transformed and updated in their various iterations over the years .”
My research engages with the modernist aesthetics of Virginia Woolf and the art of Bloomsbury in material culture . Monash has established itself as a university that celebrates diversity in research , and fosters real growth , creativity , and life-long learning . It has opened my eyes to the various possibilities in my area of research and afforded me the academic and financial opportunities to seek them out .
Last year , I embarked on a field trip to the UK to visit the house museum of Virginia Woolf for a chapter in my thesis on architecture and interior design , a trip made possible by the School ’ s Graduate Research Funding & Campus Travel Subsidy Scheme .”
Currently pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy .