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KPT / JPT ( R2 / 220 / 6 / 0018 ) 12 / 21 - MQA / SWA0106
This honours degree is a separate but complementary course to the arts undergraduate degree .
If you have an excellent academic record and are interested in pursuing further education , you can apply to engage in an additional year of coursework study and independent research . Under the guidance of an academic supervisor who ’ s recommended to you by the Honours Committee , you ’ ll design and carry out a research project of your own choosing . This culminates in a research dissertation that provides you with the perfect opportunity to explore and gain a deeper knowledge of a particular area of study that you ’ re interested in .
Course structure
There are two assessment components to this course amounting to a total of 48 credit points :
• A 15,000 to 18,000-word research dissertation that you must produce at the end of the academic year ( 24 credit points )
• Two complementary coursework units to equip you with the necessary skills to successfully navigate research issues , methodologies and other academic texts ( 24 credit points ).
Due to the increasingly intersectional nature of these categories , there ’ s truly no limit to the topics that you can work on as part of your dissertation . This course has produced some truly successful and resourceful students in the past .
Learning outcomes
Principally , the honours degree is a stepping stone towards obtaining a PhD and , subsequently , pursuing a career in academia . Over the course of conducting your own research , you ’ ll be able to gain better insight into the processes involved in contributing to a field of knowledge . Additionally , many of the practical skills you ’ ll gain can be applied to other parts of your working life . The ability of honours degree graduates to embody a high level of independent learning , creative problem-solving , project management , effective communication , and research and investigative skills are directly relevant to many other career prospects .
Entry requirements
Australian bachelor ’ s degree ( or equivalent ), including a major in your chosen honours area of study 1
Average requirements
Distinction ( 75 %) 2
1 year February
RM37,132 Malaysian student
RM42,446 International student 2021 fees per year
CAREER PATHS Due to the highly practical nature of this course , there are no shortages of rewarding career opportunities available to you . Our graduates have found careers in :
• academia
• management consulting
• international trade
• human resources
• corporate research and analysis .
Areas of study
You ’ ll work on personal research projects relating to any of the following five broad areas of research :
• communication
• global studies
• gender studies
• film , television and screen studies
• psychology .
Applicants must also attend an interview .
English : Monash ’ s minimum requirements apply .
1 For some majors , completion of specific units , or their equivalent , are also required for admission to honours . The details are provided with the requirements for each major to which this applies .
2 Average grade in 24 points of studies in relevant discipline units at Level 3 .
It ’ s a myth that arts graduates cannot transition into technical roles . We ’ re incredibly versatile , and the tech industry needs arts graduates now more than ever . Today ’ s commercially successful tech comes from minds who don ’ t just know how to code , but have deep insight into the human psyche . Arts graduates are the essential human component of this industry .”
Master of Communications and Media Studies Marketing Analytics & Audience Insights Specialist , Axiata Digital Advertising Chief Information Officer , The Bellbird
Ishtiaque was introduced to data science in one of his units at Monash . When writing his thesis , he turned to data analytics to support his research , which sparked a lifelong passion and set him on his current career path . He recently founded The Bellbird in Singapore , a cloud-based web-app that automates the data analytics process for digital marketers .