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A Note From "In a volatile industry, we have found it is important to reinvent ourselves continuously. After spending years working with industry specific consultants, we have found that the Gazelles coaching and growth tools provides us an advantage over others in our industry. We look forward to each Scaling Up Summit and User Conference, planning sessions with our Coach-Petra, Verne Harnish’s blogs, Gazelle Growth updates, and now the Scaling Up Magazine. The roadmap and tools are in place, and the future is bright!" - Ben Looper, CEO Southeast Restoration (Atlanta, GA) Inside 6 EIGHT MUST-READ BOOKS FOR 2018 8 DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT - NEWSJACKING 12 JUDITH E. GLASER - CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE 14 ANDY BAILEY - EFFECTING CHANGE 16 COVER STORY Tom Peters - Growth in Boring Markets 20 COACHES' CORNER WITH DOUG WICK 21 VERNE HARNISH - REFOCUS ON THE 4D'S 24 ALIGN5 ADVISORS - THE VALUE OF YOUR BUSINESS 26 VERNE HARNISH - MASTERING CASH FLOW 27 BILL HOOGTERP - THE PERFECT PRESENTATION VERNE HARNISH Chair, ScaleUp Summit WELCOME TO ScaleUp Summit 2018. There’s never been a better time to accelerate your company’s growth. We’ve put together an amazing lineup of speakers at this year’s summit to guide you during these two days of intensive learning. There’s no substitute for excelling in your field if you want to scale rapidly. Legendary Tom Peters, co-author of In Search of Excellence and the upcoming book The Excellence Dividend, will inspire you with many fresh ideas on how to lead your team to new levels of achievement. For most business owners, the new administration in Washington means 2018 will be a year of tremendous change. Billionaire Linda McMahon of WWE fame, now administrator of the US Small Business Administration, will offer insights you don’t want to miss in her talk titled “From Zero to a Billion.” And with social media transforming what it means to build a brand more quickly than many of us can keep up with, David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and nine other books, will help you cut through the clutter. You’ll come away with new insights into how to focus your efforts on what matters. Here are the other amazing speakers in our lineup: Judith Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence; disruptive innovator and TrueCar founder Bernie Brenner, author of The Sumo Advantage; public speaking coach Bill Hoogterp, author of Your Perfect Presentation; evolutionary biologist Tasmin Woolley-Barker, author of Teeming; and marketing professor Avi Goldfarb, author of Prediction Machines, which is a look at the true role of artificial intelligence. The purpose of the ScaleUp Summit is executive education, but that’s only one benefit you’ll get from your experience. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of users of Rockefeller Habits 2.0 whom are eager to exchange ideas. I encourage you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to crowdsource ideas for your company’s growth from other cutting-edge business leaders during the many networking breaks during the event. I’m confident you’ll come away energized and ready to take your company to new heights. Keep scaling, Verne Harnish Chair, ScaleUp Summit