Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 | Page 75

have one of your own, consider asking a pal to help you, or borrow his. FYI: I used a Fuji FinePix S-5100 digital camera for these photos, which is 4-megapixels. 3) A photo-manipulation program on your computer is the next item on this list, and it can be expensive or relatively inexpensive, as long as it has certain tools. I used Adobe PhotoShop for this project, which is an industry standard, but it is also rather pricey, listing at $699.00, but can be found on Amazon discounted to $539.00, which is still pretty darn expensive unless you plan to use it on a regular basis. There is another piece of software out there which is considered PhotoShop-Lite, having many of the very same tools and functions, but at a fraction of the cost. This is Smith Micro Pixelmator, and is available for the Mac, and lists for $59.00, but again Amazon has it discounted from $18.95. If you use a PC like I do, then you can try Corel PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate, which sells on Amazon for $47.06, discounted from the list price of $99.00. Or, you can join forces with a pal who does have one of these programs on his PC or Mac. is, a lot of patience, as gaining realistic results takes considerable time, and I can tell you that I use PhotoShop professionally often, but it still took several days of careful work on each of those three ‘assisted’-reality photos at the beginning of this article to get them to look photo-real convincing. So, once you have decided on exactly what you want to see in your ‘assisted’-reality photo, there are then three distinct phases to this project. These consist of background photo, scale-model photo, and photo-manipulation in the software of your choice. Phase-One: The initial phase is to actually go out and take photos of your real background; the location where you will place your scale-model ‘into’ later. Now, this is where all that pre-planning comes into actual usage. In order to convince your buddies that your ‘assisted’-reality photo is actually a full-sized aircraft, you will need to choose an applicable location for your scale-model gem to pose in later on. In my case, I have a WWI biplane, so a suitable airport with old hangars 4) The last thing you need is a really good, made a perfect background for my scale-model clear idea of what you want to finish up seeing plane. Smaller and privately-owned airports are a on your fake-photo. ‘Fake’ has such a negative lot friendlier to non-pilots hanging around runways connotation to it, so let’s just call the finished and hangars with camera and tripod. However, if product an ‘assisted’-reality photo, shall we? you have a modern military jet-fighter, it would be However, without some good planning, this whole far more appropriate for you to take photos on a project will simply not work at all, so don’t get all military base, However, those military-types are enthused and grab your camera and run out the considerably more uptight, and kinda take a rather door before you sit quietly for awhile and picture dim view of non-military folks hanging around their in your mind just how you want to show-off your aircraft and hangars. Fact is, you will most likely fantastic scale-model in a setting that will convince not even be allowed to g ]