Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 | Page 54

The Art of By Lyle Vasser Painting Pilots When you have created an exceptional scale model of a historical aircraft, every detail is noticed by those viewing your work of art. In many cases the radio controlled flying scale model represents some historical aircraft, and in this case the military version. Once someone takes a look at your aircraft they notice every detail, the weathering the handles, steps, gun barrels, rivets, and many other unique details that enhance your aircraft. Once they get to the cockpit the pilot of course is definitely noticeable. Your goal is to make the entire aircraft represent the full-size that you have modelled including the pilot. In many cases the pilots available have large eyes and look scared to death to be in the cockpit. While that is no reflection on your flying ability, it simply just does not look right. In the next pages, Lyle will walk you through his masterful techniques of painting your pilot to look real, and convincing. Lyle has graciously offered his MASTER CLASS in PILOT PAINTING Manual and you are welcome to download and use it as a reference for painting your scale pilot. You may also visit the Best Pilots website at u 54