Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 | Page 50

hA real close up of the rivet detail and the nomenclature markings. The markings are all hand painted by me. The red outlinearound the national insignias was difficult and the Army Air Corp droppd that bit of design later on. iThis a shot of the artwork drawn up by my buddy Bill Peletier. Bill used old black and white photographs to replicate the artwork of the Deacon to the size we needed for the big 1/4 scale cowl. I was very impressed as to how he applied the drawing to the finished look on the cowl. hThe markings are almost complete with the exception of the yellow markings on the vertical stab. Again, the markings are all hand painted and sprayed. iBill holding the artwork for the cowl work. The lower photo is one of the ones Bill used for the drawing of the Deacon. Below right is the finisahed cowl and what a great job too. The cowl size in reference to Bill again gives you an idea of the size of this P-47. The B&W photo is of the pilot Howard Hively.