Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 | Page 23

The photos in this article will give you more information for all the modifications I made to this ARF. Some will say I went too far, and hopefully some will appreciate the effort for applications on other scale projects. I know I learned a lot on this project. Once I laid the enlarged 3-views over the aircraft, it was obvious that Horizon spent some extra time to make the outline accurate with little corrections on my part. This was a good base to start with. As of this article I now have 26 great flights and still have some detail work I want to finish such as scale gear doors, and antennas. The responses at the fields where I have flown it are rewarding. Tim Cardin Email: [email protected] Specifications: Wingspan - 81.25 in (210 cm) Overall Length:-71.0 in (180 cm) Wing Area - 1165 sq. in. ( Flying Weight Stock- 16.0 - 19.0 lbs. (7.30-8.60 kg) typically 20-21Lbs after Mods 26 lbs. Engine Size- DLE-55 Propeller - 22-10 2 blade Break In- Oil Bel-Ray Mineral 2T After Break in Oil Bel-Ray Si7 Synthetic Rx Batteries- 2 each 2200Mah S2 Lithium Polymers (Lipos) Ignition - 4.8v NM 2200Mah Avoidance & Squadron Identification Light batteries-2 each Double AA Parts & Products used on this project: (Click on the links to go to each website) Hangar 9 P-47 Hangar 9 P-47 Retracts Tail Wheel Retract DLE 55 Engine Warbird Colors Pro-Mark Graphics & Paint Mask I.R.F. Rotary Drives Scale WWII Pilot Revell 1/32 P-47D Bowman Rings for DLE-55;wap2 Smart-Fly 23