SC Web Guide Summer 2019 - Page 9


Use of the Campus Center Game Room and athletic facilities must be contracted in advance by your group sponsor.

If a group would like exclusive use of any of the outdoor recreational courts located in the housing areas, arrangements must be made through the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations.


Crime Prevention Is Everyone’s Business!

If you observe unsafe condition or suspicious activity contact the Campus Police at (609) 652-4390.


Obey Signage: Observe and follow posted construction and detour signs and use alternate paths and methods to navigate between buildings during construction. If you observe unsafe conditions, contact the Campus Police at (609) 652-4390. For more information, visit the Construction Update Website at

• Lock building, suite and room doors.

• Do not leave doors and/or windows unlocked at any time.

• Do not let uninvited guests into the building.

• Avoid walking alone, and stay with you group. If you must walk alone, walk near a curb.

• Use a well-lit, busy route whenever possible. Do not take short cuts through poorly lit areas.

• Never accept a ride from a stranger.

• Be alert and aware of your surroundings.

• Report unsafe conditions or suspicious activity immediately.

• Always lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in plain sight.

• Secure your valuables.

• The University accepts no responsibility for theft or loss of money, valuables or personal effects left in apartments and residence halls.



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