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If an item in your room or apartment needs repair, please visit the Office of Residential Life to fill out a work order. Your request authorizes Stockton personnel to enter the room to assess and complete the repair. Every effort will be made to remedy the situation as soon as possible. If the office is closed and you believe the repair cannot wait until the office re-opens, (smell of gas, over flowing toilet, broken lock or broken window) please contact the Stockton Campus Police Department.

PARKING: Parking is convenient in designated parking lots close to your building.

Galloway: You will not need a parking sticker or pass. Vehicles may not park on road shoulders or in wooded areas. Vehicles may not access restricted service roads or walkways.

Atlantic City: Park at the Stockton University garage! The maximum daily rate is $25.


For a complete list, reference the Student Handbook.

• Smoking on campus is permitted only in designated gazebos. This includes electronic cigarettes under the NJ Smoke Free Air Act.

• Open flames, such as candles and incense, are prohibited.

• Flammable items (ex: fuels, liquids, gasoline, kerosene, fireworks, propane tanks, charcoal lighter fluid or turpentine) are prohibited.

• Do not prop open building or suite doors.

• Do not tamper with smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm stations, extinguishers, or fire suppression system.

• Do not exit through an emergency exit door unless there is an emergency. The alarm will activate.

• All guests should be considerate of their neighbors at all times. Keep noise to a minimum especially after 10 p.m. If a neighbor asks that you keep the noise down at any time of the day, be considerate.

• Guests of legal drinking age (21 and older) may consume alcohol in the privacy of their room, as long as the door is closed and any noise or behavior does not disturb others. Alcohol may not be consumed in the common areas such as hallways, lounges or outdoors.

• Only registered conference guests are permitted in residential spaces.

• Please clean up after yourself by utilizing the trash receptacles provided. The locations for trash are:

• The need for excess cleaning, evidence of excessive wear, tear or damage may result in extra charges.

• Stockton personnel may enter the building, room or apartment at any time if there is an immediate safety concern. Every effort will be made to notify the occupants in advance whenever possible. Personnel will knock and identify themselves before entering a room or apartment.

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