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If you become aware of a fire or smoke hazard, activate the nearest fire alarm box and exit building. In residential facilities, alarm boxes are located at the exit of each apartment or floor suite. When an alarm sounds:

1. Exit the building/apartment quickly. Activate the nearest fire alarm box. If smoke is present, crawl low to the floor. Warn neighbors by knocking on doors in route to the nearest exit.

2. Go to pre-assigned evacuation assembly points (below) for your building. Maps of all assembly points will be posted throughout each building.

3. If you cannot leave your room:

• Shut your door and block all openings with wet towels

• Stay close to the window, holding a wet towel to your face

• Do not open the window except to alert rescue personnel by hanging a white sheet or cloth out the window

• If you have a cell phone, dial 911 to advise them of your situation

4. Once outside the building, dial 609-652-4390 or use an emergency call box located throughout the campus. Give precise information of situation.

5. Remain outside as a group and wait until Campus Police or Fire Department emergency personnel have given you permission to re-enter

6. If police/fire officials give orders, you must comply. Failure to do so will hamper efforts to ensure your safety and protection of University property. Noncompliance will result in civil and University sanctions.

Individuals tampering with a carbon monoxide detector or smoke detectors may be subject to criminal, civil and/or disciplinary action.

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