SASL Newsletter - Summer 2018 Issue Issue 10 - Summer 2018 - Page 12

The ASL Parent-Child Mother Goose Program produced through the Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf in Canada in 2004 serves as an excellent example of how parents can 'sing' rhymes to a baby or a toddler without any reliance on audible sound. The DVD includes Christine Spink-Mitchell performing as the Mother Goose with Shannon Pollock and Mario Pizzacalla as the accompanying hosts. These deaf performers demonstrate the reality of rhymes and rhythms in a different modality, that is, signed, yet comparable, in principle, to what is known for the spoken form. A formal definition for the visually enthralling and enriching ASL pieces in the DVD has been provided as follows: Rhymes are ASL poems that have repeated handshapes, movements, location or repetition of how the palms face. Rhythms occur when the pacing of the motions in ASL poems recur and form a pattern. ASL rap can be a combination of rhymes and rhythms. (McLaughlin, Small, Spink-Mitchell, & Cripps, 2004, p. 19) For the purchase of the ASL Parent-Child Mother Goose Program, please go to the link of the Deaf Culture Centre’s bookstore at child-mother-goose-program/. References McLaughlin, L., Small, A., Spink-Mitchell, C., & Cripps, J. (2004). A parent guidebook: ASL and early literacy. Mississauga, ON: Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf. Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf. (2004). The ASL parent- child mother goose program: American Sign Language rhymes, rhythms and stories for parents and their children [DVD]. Mississauga, ON: Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf Project. The Power of ASL 12 Summer 2018 – Issue 10