SASL Newsletter - Summer 2018 Issue Issue 10 - Summer 2018 | Page 10

Eventually, I taught college students, most of them didn’t know ASL. Some students might’ve known a few signs, but many of them grew up oral. To teach, I decided to sign with them. I also took the time to sit with them, one-on-one, and I created videos online for them to practice. Every year, without fail, I would always have graduates visit and thank me for signing in the classroom. Honestly though, they shouldn’t thank me! I reminded them that we should thank ASL, because ASL was a miracle then. And it still is now. I always look at birds flying, flowers blooming, waves washing ashore, and think about how mysterious they are. They’re all products of nature. Just like signing. I look at my hands; it’s all natural, yet mysterious. There’s no plug to turn on our sign language. There’s no microchip in our hands to help us sign. It’s all on our hands doing the signing. I’m always filled with wonder at that. Indeed, ASL is a miracle. (Laurene Simms’ article is a reprint from the Spring 2018 issue (Volume 18, Issue 1) of the NADmag: A publication of the National Association of the Deaf, with permission) Source: The Power of ASL 10 Summer 2018 – Issue 10