SASL Newsletter - Spring 2018 Issue Issue 9 - Spring 2018

The Power of ASL A Society Supporting Language, Literacy, and Performing Arts in the Signed Modality Spring 2018 A Newsletter of the Society for American Sign Language Issue 9 By Deirdre Schlehofer Rochester Institute of Technology On September 9, 2017, Out of the Box was performed at the Robert F. Panara Theater at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York. The title has a number of literal and metaphorical meanings. Firstly, Patrick Graybill arrived on stage with an old cardboard box from his attic. He pulled out photographs and videotapes/DVDs from the box which stimulated his reminiscing about the past as others interacted with him on stage. Later, Patrick firmly, yet gently challenged a budding young Deaf actor by the name of Percy to “think outside the box” when preparing for a role and creating his own creative perspective – “Don’t just copy others, don’t do what is expected, recreate it and make it uniquely your own.” Lastly, as the performance progressed, we began to speculate about how Patrick’s theatrical experiences stretched beyond the boundaries of the world of the stage and the green room—with a final monologue affirming this creative legacy. All twelve scenes took place in a green room displayed with posters of plays Patrick had been involved with over the years. At the beginning of the performance, Patrick sat on a sofa with Percy, another Kansas School for the Deaf (KSD) alumni, and a current NTID student. Patrick pulled out a postcard from his cardboard box and looked at the old picture of (Continue on page 7) The Power of ASL 1 Spring 2018 – Issue 9