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Sappi Ngodwana

MTE in Ngodwana is not pulp fiction

As the curtain falls on 2020 – the most bizarre year in history since the Second World War – Mining and Technical Exhibitions ( MTE ) heads up north to the Sappi Ngodwana Training Centre for a once-off exhibition on 10 December 2020 .
Yes , it ’ s true ! It might be a paper and pulp show , but MTE in Ngodwana is not pulp fiction . It is as real as Covid-19 and Donald Trump . The show , traditionally held in tandem with the Malelane Sugar , Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition , has more than enough kick to provide exactly the impact on its own as what both exhibitions did in the past .
Although the expo , where suppliers have a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to all the right buyers , will be focused on the paper and pulp industry , MTE cannot ignore the broad and diverse range of other industries in the Ngodwana area . The travelling exhibition team has done a lot of research to find out exactly what the buyers in the area need , and has communicated these needs to the supply chain . The Ngodwana show is a great example of MTE ’ s versatility and ability to customise their exhibitions for different industries .
The Ngodwana Mill , which is located in the area , has been operating for over 50 years and produces paper-grade pulp for its own and market consumption and newsprint , containerboard and dissolving wood pulp . This expo will benefit visitors from the mill as well as those from surrounding local industries .
Paper & Pulp Exhibition
Date : 10 December 2020 Time : 12:30 – 16:30
Venue : Sappi Ngodwana Training Centre
As with every expo , MTE has both the visitor and exhibitor ’ s best interests in mind as the whole purpose of the show is to bring buyers and suppliers together at a mutual location . Visitors can expect to see products , services and innovations from suppliers involved in the various industries .
For those who are not familiar with MTE , this travelling exhibition company has been running for over 25 years , providing a unique platform for suppliers of top-of-the-line mining and industrial equipment to showcase their goods to a community hungry for new technology , services and information – right on its doorstep .
MTE is part of Interact Media Defined ( IMD ), a multi-media publishing house with publications in various industries including mining , plumbing , building and civil engineering among others .
We trust the expo will be a rewarding experience – whether you are visiting or exhibiting . We are always open to suggestions as to how we can make future expos even more accommodating for you and your business – so if you have any comments or suggestions , please be in touch !
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