Sappi Nogodwa Catalogue & Product Solutions Review 10 December 2020 - Page 16

Mining & Technical Exhibitions ( MTE )

Taking Exhibitions to the heart of the mines
Mining and Technical Exhibitions ( MTE ), a division of Interact Media Defined ( IMD ), celebrates its 27th birthday in 2020 and has made a name for itself since 1993 through many exhibitions at mines and industrial operations across Southern Africa . Since the dawn of the new South Africa , the mining industry has undergone massive transformation . MTE ’ s 27 years in operation is proof of its successful adaptation within the industries . Our 27 years is testament to our pride and passion for innovation and demonstrations , along with our investment in shell schemes , tents and transport as well as operational skills .
Through the years MTE has introduced different countries to the benefits of networking at our exhibitions . Aside from South Africa , we host our unique exhibitions in Namibia , Botswana , Zimbabwe , Mozambique and Zambia . With this growth into other countries we have had to diversify into other industries such as the industrial , paper & pulp , sugar , infrastructure and cement industries , making MTE a perfect platform to get your organisation to the right people in the right areas .
MTE has a face-to-face philosophy and is committed to creating focused exhibitions that brings the BUYER and SUPPLIER together at the heart of the mines and industrial operations .
Talk to us now if you are involved in mining , industrial , paper & pulp , sugar , infrastructure or the cement industries in any form , shape or manner – we are here for you !
We look forward to celebrating another 25 years with you .
Contact Number :
+ 27 11 579 4940
Email :
andrew @ interactmedia . co . za
Website :
www . MTEexpos . co . za