Santa Rosa District 4 Informational Brochure - Page 2

What Is the Process? The District 4 Master Plan process is comprised of five tasks. The Plan is a community-driven project that must reflect the interests and desires of the community. Because the Plan ultimately belongs to the District 4 community, broad participation is necessary so that it is shaped by local input. There will be several opportunities for the community to guide the future of District 4. What Is the Master Plan? The Santa Rosa County District 4 Master Plan will be a roadmap for growth and development through land use recommendations and an overlay district to improve overall quality of life. The Master Plan will consider a range of topics, including, but not limited to: w w Land Use w w Streetscapes and gateways w w Housing and housing densities w w Circulation and accessibility w w Recreational open space Community Vision and Direction 1 Task What Will the Master Plan Deliver? The Master Plan document will What the final present the community’s vision plan delivers will for development in the future ultimately be and set out the various actions determined by input that would be needed to fulfill and feedback from that vision. Elements of the plan the community. will include policy and land use recommendations, design guidelines, and action steps for implementation. Community Vision Land Use Alternatives Development 2 Task w w Economic incentives The Master Plan will respect the character of District 4 and support sustainable, orderly, and economic growth. How the community can preserve and enhance its character and natural resources while accommodating growth is the foundation of the Master Plan. Public Open House Information will be gathered from the community, including current and future issues and concerns, opportunities, and what community assets should be preserved and enhanced into the future. Land Use Alternatives Public Open House From the community information gathered, land use alternatives will be developed and presented to the public for feedback on which aspects and features are most desirable in the community. These will be combined into one preferred alternative that will become the Master Plan. Draft Master Plan Development 3 Task 4 Draft Master Plan Document Public Review Zoning Board Recommendation Task 5 The Draft Master Plan will be developed from the preferred land use alternative and presented to the County Staff for review and refinement. The Draft Plan will be posted on the project website for public comment. Final Draft Master Plan Zoning Board Public Hearing The Final Draft Master Plan will be developed based on input from the public review and presented to the Zoning Board at a public hearing for recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. Board of County Commissioners Review and Adoption Task Board of County Commissioner’s Public Hearing Final Master Plan After the Zoning Board recommendation, the Final Draft Master Plan will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for review and adoption.