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New Campus and Unique Partnership With SBCC Part of ‘New Vision’ 59 ta: 8 :9 19 Cyan: 100 Magenta: 100 Yellow: 13 Black: 68 Cyan: 62 Magenta: 98 Yellow: 9 Black: 45 Cyan: 3 Magenta: 36 Yellow: 100 Black: 6 Cyan: 0 Magenta: 60 Yellow: 100 Black: 3 Cyan: 6 Magenta: 93 Yellow: 58 Black: 28 16 ta: 3 :3 5 Cyan: 4 Magenta: 6 Yellow: 0 Black: 1 Cyan: 2 Magenta: 9 Yellow: 3 Black: 5 Cyan: 0 Magenta: 5 Yellow: 57 Black: 0 Cyan: 0 Magenta: 8 Yellow: 69 Black: 0 Cyan: 0 Magenta: 25 Yellow: 76 Black: 0 ntioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB), which has been in Santa Barbara for 35 years, stepped into the community spotlight in 2012 when the campus moved to the corner of Cota and Anacapa streets, bringing new vitality to part of the downtown corridor. AUSB offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, and has new leaders who are successfully promoting an exciting new vision for the school. This includes increased accessibility, an innovative agreement with Santa Barbara Community College (SBCC), and working partnerships with the city’s business and nonprofit sectors, all of which are rapidly making the university a valued and increasingly recognizable community resource. A nonprofit institution with a long, proud history of progressive education, the university welcomes st udents of all ages and ethnicities. Since its founding in Ohio in 1852, Antioch has promoted accessibility, social justice, and community involvement. Today, as more than 400 students attend classes at the new Santa Barbara campus, those traditions are still evident, and campus enrollment continues to grow. “Accessibility is just the beginning for us,” said university president Dr. Nancy Leffert. “Our mission is also connected directly to social justice and civic engagement. People come here because they want to ‘make a difference’ in the world.” The school’s demographics mirror that of the Santa Barbara population, Leffert said, with enrollment about 40 percent Hispanic. A For years, Antioch was a sleepy little satellite to the university’s Los Angeles campus, but that changed in 2007, when Santa Barbara become an independent campus within the Antioch University system. A local board of trustees was established in 2009, and Leffert became AUSB’s president in January 2011. Easygoing and with a quick sense of humor, she proved to be a decisive and confident leader. She began making changes and taking the school in a new direction. This included relocating the campus from its cramped quarters on Garden Street to the very visible and open new complex. Leffert credits Tom Parker, president and CEO of the Hutton Parker Foundation, which owns the complex, with making the move possible. Intensive capital fund-raising provided for the needed renovation, and most of the work was completed on the new campus in the summer of 2012. “All the stars lined up in the right place for us,” Leffert added. The university’s third bold move was to partner more closely with community colleges on the South Coast, particularly SBCC. “We developed a Bridge Program that provides students the opportunity to stay at SBCC for up to three years and then transfer 38 Santa Barbara Community Builders Santa Barbara Community Builders