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To extend your reach and expand your opportunities , look a little deeper into the heart of Georgia to discover a globally competitive location offering a rich portfolio of resources in a central , work-ready location . Natural resources , human resources , and a deep-rooted pride in performance — all together a powerful combination ready to work for you right now .
Washington County puts the earth ’ s assets to work for you : From an abundance of unspoiled land to the flowing waters of three rivers , from towering timber grown in the center of the Southeast ’ s “ wood basket ” to deep deposits of kaolin clay , mined responsibly by industry leaders who broke the mold to pioneer earth-healthy practices . Finally , tap into the vital resource of character in a historic community where low costs and a solid work ethic ensure industrial strength . All in a central Southeast location offering perfectly equal access to Georgia ’ s four major metros , and to global air and port connections . Our superb stock of acreage includes two rail-served GRAD ( Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development ) -certified sites , and our custom-tailored package of Georgia incentives puts your operation well on the road to ROI and enhanced profitability . A whole world of advantages that makes Washington County the best place on earth for your global success .
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