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“ Black , white , rich or poor , as dad will tell you , we ’ re a family ,” says Wright . “ I can remember my dad and my granddad at Thanksgiving and Christmas taking turkeys to poor folks in this area , and there were a lot of poor folks around here at that time , and there still are some poor folks living around here .”
Sitting down for this recent interview , Wright notes that the room where the interview was conducted is the very room that changed the course of his life .
“ What I mean by that is that I applied to over 30 law schools and I got into two ,” recalls Wright .
Those two schools were John Marshall Law School in Atlanta and Appalachian Law School in Virginia . “ I was livid ; I was actually disappointed .” He says he couldn ’ t understand it . “ I had a 3.9 GPA ,” says Wright . “ At the time I was really upset . I was working here at the store , as I done for several summers . And I was happy doing it . Katie and I had just graduated from Georgia Southern University and I was looking forward to going to law school somewhere .”
He remembers telling his dad that he had decided against attending law school .
“ But my dad looked at me and said , ‘ You ’ re not going to live in my house for free ,’” Wright recalls . ‘ And you ’ re going to pay your cellphone bill , you ’ re going to pay your own insurance and you ’ re going to pay your own power bill .’”
Wright says he first thought his dad was kidding .
When he found out that wasn ’ t the case , Wright ’ s future took a different turn .
“ That constant push that my dad talked about earlier that my mom gave when I was younger — that constant push when faced with adversity — my mother pushed me ,” says Wright . “ I couldn ’ t read until the third grade . I really struggled early on . I could not read , and I still struggle till this day how to spell .”
Wright says he reveals that because he believes it ’ s important for others to understand that hard work and perseverance , good things are possible .
“ I ’ m very open about where I came from ,” says Wright . “ Had it not been for my mom and my father , the family , and this community , Black and white , none of what I ’ ve achieved in life up to this point would have been possible .”