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Barksdale Store has undergone many changes since 1935

Wright Barksdale worked there as a boy growing up in Washington Co .

Story and Photos by BILLY W . HOBBS

Barksdale Store has been a household name in Washington County for decades . It sits on top of a hill overlooking chalk mines from the front and rear .

It ’ s located off Ga . Route 24 or the Fall Line Freeway — the main highway that leads from Sandersville to Milledgeville .
The store is owned and operated today by Sonny Barksdale , whose late father was
Tuggle Barksdale . Tuggle ’ s mother , Maude Barksdale , opened and began operating the general mercantile store in 1935 .
Sonny ’ s mother , Eleanor Barksdale , operated the store for 50 years .
Today , four full-time employees work at Barksdale Store , which is open 5 1 / 2 days a week . The Barksdale family also has a contracting business that employs 25 people . Both businesses operate out of the store .
When the Barksdale Store first opened ,