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Southern comfort foods like field peas , rice and gravy , mashed potatoes , cornbread and more are offered as side dishes . Patrons can end their meals with savory favorites like banana pudding , peach cobbler , cake or pie . Clifford says plans are also to eventually open for dinner either on Friday or Saturday evenings with cook-to-order meals like seafood , fried chicken and comfort food , wings , hamburgers and more .
Seeing the restaurant back open has been rewarding for Clifford in many ways . Like his mother , he is happiest seeing other people enjoying the fruits of his family ’ s labors . “ I enjoy watching the people ,” he says . “ It ’ s like family … a lot of them are very familiar with my family . A lot of them know us personally , so when they come in , we are always going to have some type of conversation , whether it ’ s five minutes or a few seconds . Usually , that ’ s gonna be the highlight of my day — just seeing the people come in
Flash forward three years later to the present day , and Clifford has seen that dream come true . Coleman ’ s Corner officially reopened in July , and the community has welcomed them back with open arms .
“ We ’ ve had a great reception ,” he says . “ Most of the community has been waiting for us to reopen , and they ’ ve supported us overwhelmingly .”
Clifford , who is now an adjunct instructor and tutor at Oconee Fall Line Technical College , handles the business aspect of the operation , and Mary has found herself right back at home managing the kitchen . But for Mary , it ’ s always been about more than just the food . “ Really it was for the glory of God ,” she says . “ It ’ s not about just physical food but spiritual food , too , and that ’ s one of the things the restaurant was based on was fruits of the spirit — treating people good when they come in .”
Coleman ’ s Corner is open Wednesday through Sunday with different menus offered each day . Breakfast is served from 7 a . m . to 10 a . m . Wednesday through Saturday with selections like grits , eggs , biscuits , French toast , pancakes , breakfast sandwiches , omelets , country ham , bacon , smoked sausage and more .
Lunch is served from 11 a . m . to 2 p . m . Wednesday through Saturday , and 11 a . m . to 3 p . m . on Sundays .
Each day , fried and baked chicken are available for lunch , but different selections are also available like smothered pork chops on Wednesdays , stew beef and rice on Thursdays , fried fish on Fridays and hamburger steak on Saturdays . And of course , favorite and enjoy the food and enjoy the company . The atmosphere is very family-oriented .”
He says the staff begins each day with a prayer for blessings not just on the restaurant , but on the people who are coming in the doors . He says that ’ s one of the things that makes Coleman ’ s Corner such a special place .
“ The food is prepared with love ,” he says . “ We don ’ t cut any corners on making it taste good , so we ’ re gonna season it well . We ’ re gonna take our time to make it like Grandma used to do . Our cooks are very passionate in what they do , and I know Mom is not gonna put anything out there on the bar that ’ s substandard . She ’ s gonna make sure that people are satisfied .”
Now with a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the business , customer service is something Clifford learned from his mother a long time ago . And while Coleman ’ s Corner certainly prides itself on the food served , it ’ s about so much more .
“ Her motto is just keeping things simple and just ensuring that when people come through these doors that they can not only feel the love but taste the love in what she does . … She will sit down with the customers , have a conversation with them . She ’ ll have prayer with them . She ’ s gonna check on them . She ’ s a mama in every aspect . I think that ’ s what people enjoy when they come through the doors . She takes time to get to know people and ask them about their days . … She always told me that it ’ s not necessarily about the money . It ’ s just being a blessing to people who come in and out of the doors .”