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Birmingham , Ala . and Charlotte , N . C ., b u t folks come from all over the country , too .
“ We ’ ve had people to hunt with us from literally every state of the United States .”
And they don ’ t just come from all over the United States either ; Burley says they have had international travelers from Germany , China , Yugoslavia and Uzbekistan , among others . Many are visiting the U . S . and want to see what the hunting and fishing is like here .
A lot of hunters and fishermen make it an annual trip . Burley says they have several repeat customers , some who have been coming for up to 15 years once or twice per year . “ They ’ re like family to us because they come every year .” Building those relationships is an important part of the business for Burley . He says there are two aspects that he enjoys the most — veterans and kids .
Woods N Water has participated in Wounded Warrior Hunts for about 15 years . The company donates the hunt , lodging and meals for the event . Money is raised to give the hunters a gun and hunting apparel , and they come to hunt for three or four days .
“ I get probably more enjoyment out of that each year than any of our hunts .” He also loves working with kids and first-time hunters . “ To me , it ’ s just really rewarding ,” he says .
“ I ’ ve hunted all over the United States and the world . I ’ ve done a lot of international hunting , so I ’ ve killed a lot of animals . I like sharing my experience and trying to educate , especially kids . I enjoy that part of it , seeing them catch their first big bass or shoot their first turkey . It ’ s just real rewarding for me .”
In 1998 , Burley also developed a piece of equipment called the plotmaster , an all-in-one line of tillage and planting equipment for managing recreational properties . After creating prototypes and testing for about a year , he applied for and got a patent and started marketing for it . In 2000 , Plotmaster Systems became Burley ’ s second company . Recently , both companies ’ offices moved to Sandersville , which is the place most of their employees call home .
As owner and president , Burley says a lot of time goes into managing both companies . He usually works six to seven days a week whether it be guiding , managing properties , planting food plots , building roads on his bulldozer or actually hunting .
It doesn ’ t feel like work , though , and Burley counts that as a blessing .
“ It ’ s been a blessing for me because I ’ ve been able to create businesses that allow me to do something that I really enjoy doing .”
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