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the guys that are looking for a quality outdoor experience .”
And it ’ s not just for guys . Burley says there are also a great deal of women that come to their properties now as well , and they actually have couple of women ’ s groups that come for an introduction to the hunting industry and to the outdoors .
A new aspect of the company that has also recently been introduced is Artifact Adventure Weekends . Burley says when he purchased his property in Wilkinson County , he didn ’ t realize at the time that the location was a huge trade area for Native Americans .
“ It was on a major trade route between the Ocmulgee River and the Oconee River , and I ’ ve seen thousands of artifacts .”
Burley says he has found some artifacts that are up to 13,000 years old . He built a mini museum on the property where kids can learn how the Native Americans cooked and lived . Participants will be shown a variety of things like how the Native Americans built their tools and how they built weapons like spears , knives and bows and arrows . They will also be able to enjoy an artifact hunt .
The Artifact Adventure Weekends began in August with the goal of getting families to come and introduce kids to Native American history and culture . Families come in on Fridays and stay at the lodge and are treated to seminars , and if they want to fish or hunt , they can combine that with their adventure .
“ We just wanted to get kids involved ,” Burley says . “ When I grew up , we stayed out in the woods . … The only time we were ever at home was usually at night when it came dinnertime . The rest of the time we were out hunting or fishing or trapping , and it seems like it ’ s just the opposite nowadays with kids . They just don ’ t get those opportunities , so [ we ] just want to get it back to nature and teach them a little bit about history and the culture and how the Native Americans lived and how they survived here .”
The company also hosts hunting and fishing trips for corporations , bachelor parties and other special events . They offer a variety of different packages , and Burley says they offer discounts for both kids and veterans .
As far hunting and fishing trips are concerned , Burley says most people that visit are not local . He says a lot of folks come from metropolitan areas like Atlanta ,