Sandersville Scene Olympic Gold Medals - Page 14

included .
The lodges feature three bedrooms with bunk bed housing for 12 hunters , two full baths , a living room and a fully equipped kitchen . There is also a large charcoal grill available .
“ We ’ ll bring in small groups anywhere from four to 20 people at a time at each of our lodges ,” Burley says . “ We basically just take them out and wine them and dine them and try to give them a good outdoor experience .”
He says the only thing the hunters and fishermen have to worry about is bringing their hunting gear .
“ We just take care of everything else basically ,” Burley says . “ We take them out to the stands . We manage all the food plots . We set up blinds for them , stands . We ’ ll set up feeders . Once they harvest the animal , we ’ ll actually recover it for them . We ’ ll dress it for them . We ’ ll actually do the processing . It ’ s kind of a one stop shop for them ,