San Miguel Art magazine/ MAY EDITION | Page 3

Editor´s p a g e The fear has passed! The anxieties, the nervousness, the uncertainties, are already left behind. The initial issue of San Miguel Art magazine was a total success and the editorial team is happy for that. The achievements in its distribution were remarkable taking into account that it was the magazine›s first presence in social networks. Even so, the figures that were growing day by day showed the interest in our content. Thanks to the possibilities of connection offered by Facebook, we were able to take the magazine to the people of our interest, that is: artists painters, photographers, sculptors, art lovers in all North America, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Spain and other European countries. Thanks to many people who favored us with the likes and shares that went on happening day by day until reaching very satisfactory figures. We added in this issue the Guest artist section with the presence of the maestro Carlos Terrés, sculptor and painter of world fame which makes us proud of having him. Thanks again to our readers from all over the world and thanks to the artists of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico who are the soul of this publication. May / 2017