San Francisco Public Works Building Design and Construction Portfolio | Page 5

Carla Short Director
San Francisco Public Works
Ron Alameida City Architect
Deputy Director of Buildings
Albert Ko City Engineer
Deputy Director or Infrastructure
Julia Laue Principal Architect | Bureau Manager
Jennifer Cooper-Sabo Principal Landscape Architect | Bureau Manager
Landscape Architecture
Ron Alameida Acting Bureau Manager
Project Management
Laura Tanigawa Bureau Manager
Construction Management
Patrick Rivera Bureau Manager
Design & Engineering
John Thomas Acting Bureau Manager
Project Management
Ed Yee Bureau Manager
Construction Management
We at San Francisco Public Works are committed to keeping San Francisco a beautiful , livable , vibrant and sustainable city . Our Building Design & Construction and Design & Engineering Divisions strive to bring the highest level of design and technical excellence to our work in architecture , landscape architecture and urban design , project management , engineering , and construction management .
The following pages depict our expertise across a broad range of project types including : civic buildings and public spaces such as libraries , performing arts centers and public plazas ; recreation and parks facilities including community and education centers , playgrounds and gardens ; transportation projects including transit stops and rapid transit systems ; urban design ranging from neighborhood interventions to iconic cityscapes such as Market and Powell Streets ; infrastructure including water treatment plants and pump stations ; public safety institutions such as fire and police stations ; public health facilities ranging from neighborhood clinics to Laguna Honda and Zuckerberg San Francisco General hospitals ; and award-winning historic renovations of some of the most notable civic buildings in San Francisco such as City Hall , War Memorial Opera House and the Veterans Building . In recent years , our focus has expanded to include the planning , design and execution of transitional housing for the homeless .
We provide a full range of professional services , from early feasibility studies , programming and master planning , through an integrated design process that culminates in contract documents and ultimately the construction of a project . Our design teams work closely with our city client departments and community groups to create buildings and public spaces that are beautifully designed , responsive to the user / client program , respect the urban context and reflect the uniqueness of San Francisco neighborhoods . We draw upon our historical knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise through close collaboration with our architecture , landscape architecture , and engineering partners , allowing for a truly collaborative design process .
Building Design & Construction 49 South Van Ness Avenue ,
Suite 1100 San Francisco , CA 94103
Design & Engineering 49 South Van Ness Avenue ,
Suite 1000 / Suite 1600 San Francisco , CA 94103
Sustainability is a foremost consideration for all our projects - from optimum siting of the buildings with respect to climate - to the thoughtful choice of sustainable materials and the design of natural and mechanical building systems that result in healthy indoor environments . We partner closely with the San Francisco Department of the Environment to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of sustainability and green building practices , incorporating them into projects that exceed the client ’ s expectations and safeguard the environment for our future generations .